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Do you have your current and correct address on file with DHHR? 

If not, you could LOSE Medicaid or WVCHIP coverage. 

Eligibility reviews begin in April, 2023, so act now!

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Is Medicaid Right for You?

Medicaid is a program that can help pay for medical care. You may qualify for Medicaid in West Virginia if you meet specific eligibility requirements, like you fall below a certain income level. 

If you qualify, you will be able to visit doctors and specialists at little or no cost. You will also receive dental, vision, and mental health coverage. Any prescription drugs that you take will often be less expensive, too.

Extra Benefits From The Health Plan

If you select The Health Plan as your Managed Care Organization (MCO), you will also receive extra benefits that will allow you to:

How to Enroll

Current Medicaid Members

Helpful Information for Current Members

Protect Your Member ID Cards
After you join The Health Plan, we will mail your member ID cards to you within 5 days. Each person who is covered will receive their own card. Be sure to bring your member ID card every time you go to the doctor or fill a prescription.

Choose Your Primary Care Doctor
Each member of your family who is enrolled in Medicaid will need a “primary care provider” (PCP). This is the doctor you will see for most of your health needs. You can choose a PCP for you and your family members through our FindaDoc website.

Schedule Your First Appointment
All new members should see their PCP as soon as possible for a general health checkup. You can schedule a first appointment by calling the PCP’s office phone number, which will be listed on your Member ID Card or your children’s Member ID Card.

Manage Your Health Care with Our Member Portal

Register for our Member Portal to track payments (including copays and deductibles), find a doctor, print your Member ID card, and more.

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