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Checklist for the Home for Vertigo


Use these checklists once a month to see how you are doing to stay safe in case of a vertigo attack. How many of the items can you say "yes" to? Try to do all the items on each list.


Checklist for the home

  • ____Walkways around the house (especially to the bathroom or telephone) are clear of furniture, toys, throw rugs, electrical cords, or anything that may cause me to trip.
  • ____My furniture is a height that allows me to use it easily.
  • ____I can easily reach a telephone in any room that contains one.
  • ____My linoleum or wood floors are not slippery.
  • ____My driveway and sidewalks are clear of toys, tools, and anything that may cause me to trip.
  • ____My indoor and outdoor lighting allows me to see my way.
  • ____I have night-lights where they best help me.
  • ____My stairs have light switches within reach.
  • ____I have a handrail next to my stairs.

Checklist for the bathroom and kitchen

  • ____I have grab bars in place in the shower and bathtub and near the toilet.
  • ____I have mats in my shower and bathtub to prevent slipping.
  • ____I do not have any throw rugs in the bathroom or kitchen.
  • ____I have a night-light in the bathroom.
  • ____I store the materials and foods I use the most on lower shelves so that I don't need to climb or reach for them.
  • ____If I have to climb to reach a kitchen or bathroom shelf, I use a step stool with handrails.
  • ____I do not stand on chairs.
  • ____I clean up any spills immediately and keep the bathroom floor dry.

Checklist for personal consideration

  • ____I have explained to my family, friends, and work colleagues that I experience vertigo. They know what might happen during an episode and how they can help.
  • ____I know the side effects of my medicines and whether any affect my sense of balance.
  • ____I try to avoid driving, working at heights, or operating dangerous machinery.
  • ____I use a cane or walker if necessary.
  • ____I wear low-heeled shoes that don't skid.
  • ____I don't wear shoes with thick and heavy soles.
  • ____I keep my shoes tied.
  • ____I avoid walking around the house in slippers or socks.
  • ____In fall or winter, I promptly clear wet leaves and snow or ice off walkways.


Current as of: September 27, 2023

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