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Open enrollment runs from April 2 - May 15.

It's true. You have a choice. Pick The Health Plan instead of just PEIA alone, and receive all these benefits and more:

  • $10 Copay for PCP Visits - 50% lower than PEIA alone offers
  • Your Choice of (3) Flexible Plans
  • Local Customer Service

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A Choice You Can Plan On
If you are an active employee or non-Medicare retiree living or working in West Virginia, YOU ARE ELIGIBLE for The Health Plan.

Plan On Experience - We've been a strong PEIA option since 1981! In fact, PEIA has been our largest, fully-insured account, Available in ALL 55 WV Counties, for the past 38 years. 

Plan On These Benefits & More

  • Choice of (3) Flexible Plans
  • $10 Copay for PCP Visits – on all (3) Plan Options
  • $0 Deductible on Prescriptions
  • Local Customer Service
  • Available in ALL 55 WV Counties
  • Preventative & Wellness Services
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Hospitalization, Maternity & Newborn Care
  • Pediatric Services – Including Oral & Vision Care
  • Emergency Services
  • Lab Services
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Mental Health & Substance Use Disorder
  • Ambulatory Patient Services
  • Rehabilitative & Habilitative Services & Devices
  • FREE CoreWellness Program
    • Reduce Health Risks, Improve Quality of Life & Enhance Personal Effectiveness
  • FREE Compass Health Risk Assessment
    • Start Your Journey Toward Better Health
  • Healthiest You
  • And Much More!

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