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Medication Costs

  • Medicines can help you manage your health, but only if you take them correctly. If you're having problems taking your medicine as prescribed, try thinking about why you're having trouble. You might not be sure why your medicine is important or if it is working. Maybe you just can't remember to take your medicine every...

  • Getting great care at a lower price is possible. Just like when you shop for food or clothes, there are things you can do to lower your health care costs. Protect your health with a healthy lifestyle. Here are some things you can do to take charge...

  • Get some tips on saving money on medicine for depression.

  • Get some tips on how to save money on your prescriptions.

  • Discusses reducing medicine costs with lifestyle changes, generic medicines, and shopping around. Also covers buying medicines online, pill splitting, and buying prescriptions in bulk. Discusses how your insurance plan and doctor can help you save money.

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