Health Coach

Health Coach
Wheeling, WV
Clinical Services - Medical

The Health Coach works with members telephonically or face to face to assess members and enable them to make long-term positive health changes via good advice, motivation and support.

They utilize The Health Plan’s wellness library and other relevant health information to educate, inform and advise members and help them adhere to appropriate wellness guidelines and standards of care.

  1. Bachelor degree in public health, exercise physiology, nursing, dietary, health education or a health related field;
  2. Excellent knowledge in health, nutrition and fitness issues;
  3. Knowledge of health related diseases and remedial measures;
  4. Excellent verbal and written communication skills;
  5. Strong motivational and convincing power;
  6. Ability to counsel clients of all ages and problems;
  7. Solid experience in variety of clinical techniques and medical field;
  8. Immense ability to develop a health plan;
  9. A well organized and pleasing personality;
  10. Knowledge of latest trends in health care.

  1. Certification in Health Coaching from The National Society of Health Coaches (NSHC);
  2. The American Council on Exercise (ACE);
  3. The Wellcoaches School of Coaching;
  4. The Duke Integrative Health Coach Program;
  5. Dr. Sears Wellness Institute or Health Coach Institute;
  6. Or another pre-approved program.

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Or, if you are interested in a fast-paced career with us, please send resume with salary requirements to:

HR Department 
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