Wellable Monthly Webinars

The Health Plan has partnered with Wellable to provide monthly Webinars in 2020!

Wellable is a platform designed to help companies, like THP, keep our employees healthy.  Wellable is dedicated to helping organizations establish successful employee wellness programs that align with company culture, values, and business goals. They also provide monthly live webinars that highlight a different topic each month.

While usually the webinars would only be available to employees, Wellable is allowing us to share them with all of you! Check back every month for a new topic, but don’t wait too long — they are only available to be viewed for three months after they are posted. Learn more about this month’s below:

June Webinar: Summer Safety

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the great outdoors, but too much fun in the sun can compromise one’s health. This webinar will encourage outdoor safety by exploring different precautions that can be taken to ensure a safe and healthy summer!
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February Webinar: Heart Health 101

With cardiovascular diseases being the number one cause of death globally, focusing on the importance of a heart-healthy lifestyle should not be limited to the observance of American Heart Month in February. This webinar discusses the importance of heart health and provides steps that you can take to make heart-healthy choices year-round!

Watch the webinar here!

March Webinar: Eat for Energy

Time to say goodbye to the post-meal afternoon slump! This webinar focuses on effects food has on the body and mind as well as how to make healthy choices to provide the fuel needed to boost energy and keep it steady throughout the day.

Watch the webinar here!

April Webinar: Live Sustainably

Sustainability helps create and maintain an environment where humans and nature can exist in productive harmony. This webinar will discuss ways to incorporate sustainable practices into everyday life to support personal and global ecological balance.

Watch the webinar here!

May Webinar: Sleep Tight Tonight

Sleep is required for optimal health, but at least 40% of people don’t get enough. Sleep rejuvenates the body’s ability to function properly, almost like recharging a battery. This webinar explains how much sleep is needed to function optimally and why it’s so vital for health. It also teaches simple and effective tips and tricks to improve sleep quality.

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