Wellable Monthly Webinars

The Health Plan has partnered with Wellable to provide monthly Webinars in 2020!

Wellable is a platform designed to help companies, like THP, keep our employees healthy.  Wellable is dedicated to helping organizations establish successful employee wellness programs that align with company culture, values, and business goals. They also provide monthly live webinars that highlight a different topic each month.

While usually the webinars would only be available to employees, Wellable is allowing us to share them with all of you! Check back every month for a new topic, but don’t wait too long — they are only available to be viewed for three months after they are posted. Learn more about this month’s below:

December Webinar: Gratitude - A How To Guide

The expression of gratitude can do wonders for overall health and happiness, and this webinar focuses on how to bring the practice to life.  In addition to highlighting the health benefits of gratitude, tangible examples are provided to help develop the skill of being grateful.

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September Webinar: Overcoming Setbacks

Employees know all too well that life doesn’t always go as planned. It’s easy to skip the gym to sleep in, replace a meal for a meeting, and stress about daily life to the point it hinders health and well-being. Setbacks like these are common but don’t need to be permanent. This webinar helps employees bounce back from setbacks and get into the swing of things with better nutrition, fitness, and mental health!

Watch the webinar here!

October Webinar: Give Immunity a Boost

The immune system is the body’s protective army, working to maintain health and prevent illness! Several factors like physical activity, nutrition, and sleep can impact immune health, and this webinar will discuss the many ways to ensure a strong and healthy immune system for happiness and health all year long.

Watch the webinar here!

November Webinar: Giving Back with Positivity

Making a positive impact can greatly enhance health and well-being. This webinar explores easy and unique ways to make a difference by giving back. Walk away with some great ideas that can be practiced to create more positive experiences for both the giver and receiver.

Watch the webinar here!

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