Diabetes Testing Supplies

The Health Plan provides coverage for a variety of diabetes testing needs with the Lifescan® products. If you currently do not use Lifescan® meter, you must contact your physician to order the Lifescan® meter that fits your needs. Members are provided one meter per lifetime at no charge.

In certain cases, it may be necessary for you to continue using your present blood glucose meter system. If so, have your physician contact Pharmacy Services for a coverage review. Pharmacy Services can be reached at 1.800.624.6961, ext. 7914 or email pharmacy@healthplan.org.

The Health Plan’s Clinical Services Department has registered nurses who are certified diabetes educators (CDE) who can coach you to better health with better control of your diabetes. Group and individual educational sessions are available. For more information, please call The Health Plan at 1.800.624.6961, ext. 6110.