Provider Resources

Behavioral Health Forms

Find forms for continuity of care, crisis encounters, initial authorization, treatment continuation and other behavioral health forms.
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Compliance and Fraud, Waste & Abuse

Access and fill out online The Health Plan Attestation Form. You can also access FWA training, D-SNP training, our corporate compliance plan, fraud hotline poster and additional links for FWA training and resources.
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Download The Health Plan's Dental Fee Schedule

Member Rights & Responsibilities

Access member rights and responsibilities for our members.
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Provider Forms

Download forms for billing & EDI authorization, claims resubmission or locate our trading partner agreement and many other forms you may need.
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Visit CMS, NPI, PEIA, WV Medicaid or find other links to outside agencies.
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WV Medicaid

Documents and information pertaining to WV Medicaid can be found on our Medicaid pages of our website under Medicaid for Providers