Behavioral Health Services

A dedicated, fully inclusive department of experienced behavioral health professionals provides services along the complete spectrum of behavioral health care including referral assistance, customer service, education, claims review, pre-authorization, case management, disease management, outreach and screening for a variety of behavioral health conditions. We have many informational documents to help you that are located on our health library.

Our care and case management services support a full range of diagnosis, including specific programs targeted at depression, schizophrenia, psychosis, bipolar disease, substance abuse, post traumatic stress disorder, eating disorders, autism and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Most importantly, the internally housed behavioral health department enables The Health Plan to ensure full integration of behavioral health services with medical services so that the complete spectrum of needs can be addressed in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

If you or a member of your family have a mental health or substance abuse crisis – an episode that you feel threatens the life or health of anyone – you MUST get help immediately.

  • Call 911 or
  • Have someone take you to the emergency room or
  • Call your doctor or therapist

If you are admitted to the hospital after seeking emergency help, the hospital will call The Health Plan. You do not need to worry about notifying us.

Your primary care physician (PCP) is the gatekeeper for your care, whether it is for a medical or behavioral health condition. It is best if your doctor knows all aspects of your health and care. To be sure that he is informed so that he can give you the best care, make sure that all of your doctors are keeping in touch with your PCP.

Our case management services will help you and your family manage not only the symptoms of your illness, but any other associated problems that you are having. We are available to help you with questions about your illness, medications, treatment, and can also assist in helping you adjust to life in the community. If you are having problems that affect you receiving housing or transportation, applying for programs, getting supplies, attending appointments for psychiatrists/therapists or gaining employment, you may qualify for case management.

Our goal is to help you by trying to connect you with the services that you need. If you need to seek treatment and have never seen a behavioral health provider, refer to your provider list to locate and make an appointment with a participating provider. If you need assistance or have any questions regarding behavioral health, please call our office at 1.877.221.9295 (24 hours a day) and we will help you. Remember, if you are covered under a self-funded program, some pre-certification requirements may apply. Refer to your benefit book or call The Health Plan for clarification.