Overview for Members

The Health Plan adopts practice guidelines or medical necessity criteria based on reliable medical facts or an agreement of the health care community.

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Prescription Benefits

Effective July 1, 2017, the pharmacy benefit is now covered under the traditional benefit. Members will need to utilize their paper card at the pharmacies. Please contact Molina at 1.888.483.0797 if you have questions.

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Dental Benefits

Discover children's dental services, providers in your area, and what to do if you have out-of-area emergencies.

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Behavioral Health Benefits

The Health Plan covers your mental health and substance abuse services. You may call 1.877.221.9295 with any questions that you have. We will be glad to help you with any questions that you have about the plan.

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Member Resources

The following information is always available here on this website You may call our Customer Service Department at 1.888.613.8385 (TTY: 711) to request a printed copy or ask any questions/concerns you may have regarding: