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Putting You in Control of Your Health Care

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The Health Plan’s Consumer Driven Services continuously strives to help consumers gain control over their health care costs. Our unique consumer directed health plans (CDHPs) enable consumers to choose their health care provider based on medical, financial, and personal needs.

Since we focus on getting more value for your health care dollars, consumers have the opportunity to save those unused health care dollars year-to-year. This savings rollover process enables consumers to have resources available for their health care expenses when they need it most or to pay for their health care needs after retirement.

How Your Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) Works

Your employer contributes benefit dollars into an HRA for you. You are not taxed on these dollars. The amount of contribution each year is based on your coverage type.

You decide when and if to use your dollars! What you do not use can be rolled over into following years (if permitted by your employer). On average, our members, rollover 60 percent of their funds from year-to-year.

Your medical claims will be reimbursed as defined in your medical plan. There may be revisions to this plan, so be sure to consult the information provided by your insurance carrier. The Health Plan’s Consumer Driven Services administers your HRA and provides you resources to enable you to become an informed health care consumer.

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If you are not a member, ask your human resources manager how an HRA can help you gain control of your health care expenses.