Three times a week, 20 employees of The Health Plan are waking up a little earlier, lacing up their tennis shoes, and heading to a 6 a.m. fitness class. The group is the first to take part in CoreFit90, a new total wellness program for THP employees, through a partnership with The Ryan Ferns Healthplex.

The 90 Day Total Health Transformation Program, which was created by Ferns, includes functional fitness workouts and nutrition counseling. Other companies are also taking part in the program with their own employees, with The Health Plan providing biometric testing and a health risk assessment for each participant before and after the program.

Employees of varying ages and physical activity levels are taking part in CoreFit90, which began Sept. 12. Some participants had never stepped foot in a gym before. However, the program is designed to be able to work for anyone.
“Before we started CoreFit90, some people were apprehensive. They thought they might not have been in shape enough to do this,” said Kerri Hill, Director of Clinical Quality and Wellness at The Health Plan and CoreFit90 participant. “But when I say this is for anyone, that’s absolutely true. Our group of 20 employees is really representative of all fitness levels and ages at The Health Plan, and everyone has been impressed with how much they’re able to do.

“We all have different adversities and different goals for ourselves, but all of us have already seen changes,” Kerri said. “Many of us have noticed that we’re more productive and have better focus at work. A couple people already had to buy some new clothes.”

According to Ferns, the transformation has been more than just what’s visible on the scale. The group has already seen dramatic health improvements, he said.

Jim Pennington, President and CEO of The Health Plan, began the partnership with The Healthplex after he participated in the inaugural Community Fitness Challenge, which used the same program and pitted community leaders against one another for the chance to win $20,000 for a charity of their choice.

“One of our goals is improving the health and wellness of our members, so we want to make sure we’re embodying that through our employees as well, Pennington said. “I found a lot of value in the challenge, both in well-being and team building, and I’m glad to see the CoreFit90 participants getting those same benefits.”

More CoreFit90 groups are in the works, Pennington said, in an effort to continue its mission of improving employee wellness.

The Health Plan ( established in 1979 is a community health organization that has an extensive provider network that includes access to over 650,000 national and regional providers. The Health Plan is a clinically-driven, technology-enhanced, and customer-focused organization that manages and improves the health and well-being of its members. For over 35 years, The Health Plan has offered a complete line of managed care products and services designed to provide health care systems and clients with innovative health care benefits and plans at a reasonable cost across the mid-Atlantic region and nationally.

The Ryan Ferns Healthplex is an all-encompassing health and wellness facility built in 2012. The facility includes over 14,000 square feet of training space and staffs a team of professionals from all aspects of the health and wellness community including physical therapists, nutritional counselors, massage therapists, personal trainers, and CrossFit trainers.